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KPOP Sauce

KPOP Sauce

KPOP Foods brings Korean foods and flavors to America. Our first product is KPOP Sauce, a Korean sauce based on the Korean chili pepper paste, gochujang.

  • KPOP Sauce Fried Chicken
  • KPOP Sauce Korean Korea
  • KPOP Sauce Gochujang Chili
  • KPOP Sauce Steak Beef
  • KPOP Sauce Veggies Snack


“As a first generation Korean American, KPOP Sauce is a great gateway for foodies to experience Korean food and flavors. It was sweet, tangy, and left a subtle burn on the back of my tongue. Excellent!”  – Henry O.  

“There’s so much more flavor than Sriracha. It’s smooth and doesn’t completely mask the flavor of the food you’re eating like other hot sauces.”  – Alex V.

“KPOP’s flavor is deeper and more complex than any other sauce I have at home (and I have a lot!) and it makes every dish taste special.”  – Katrina K.

“I’ve added KPOP Sauce to several dishes already, including turkey meatballs and a fried rice stir-fry, and it is amazing! I can’t wait to get more, as it will easily become my go-to hot sauce from now on.”  – Chris W.

“It took my tastebuds on a flurry of emotions starting from the sweetness on the tip of the palate to the delayed spicy burn that covered my entire palate. I enjoy cooking as a hobby and this sauce would make any spicy dish that much better.”  – Jeff P.

“After trying the sauce with my french fries, I couldn’t wait to tear my burger up.”  – Aditya V.

“As an avid user of hot sauce – using it on everything from my eggs to my pizza – I became accustomed to the spicy flavors of traditional hot sauces. But after using KPOP, I realized those sauces were sorely neglecting a variety of flavors. KPOP is the perfect mixture of sweet, tangy, and spicy. I’m just as likely to use it on my food truck tacos as I am on my bibimbap.”  – Katherine L.

“I was expecting it to be good, but it was GREAT!”  - Sadie A.