Honey Glazed Breakfast Hash

Honey Glazed Breakfast Hash

Can't decide what to make for breakfast? Let's hash it out *ba dum tsss* 🥁

All jokes aside, how delicious does this breakfast hash look!? Made with all time favorite breakfast ingredients, a breakfast hash is the ultimate dish. See how we made this and how we added a Korean twist!

Serves: 2 / Prep Time: 15 min / Cook Time: 20 min

Sweet and savory breakfast hash with crispy tater tots, fluffy eggs, creamy avocado, and KPOP Honey Glaze sa


  • 3 eggs
  • ¼ cup milk (your choice)
  • 1 cup frozen tater tots
  • Cherry tomatoes - halved
  • Avocado - sliced
  • Cheddar cheese


1. Bake tater tots - follow directions on packaging

2. While tots are baking, whisk eggs + milk (add salt and pepper to preference)

3. Scramble eggs in medium pan on medium heat

4. Add tator tots

5. Add cheese until you can't anymore - there's no such thing as too much cheese!

6. Add tomatoes and avocado on top

7. Drizzle KPOP Honey Glaze to your heart's desire

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