2017 in Review - KPOP Revolution

Greetings KPOP Fam!

We can’t believe that 2017 is already drawing to a close. What an eventful year it’s been for KPOP, from launching our Kickstarter, to getting our first bottles of KPOP Sauce on the shelf, to building relationships with all of you as we build our brand.

As we wrap up the year, we wanted to give you a glimpse of what you’ve helped us build. We can't thank you all enough for all your love and support. Let's make 2018 our best year yet. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy holiday season!


Team KPOP Foods 

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KPOP Focus Groups

February to March 2017: Perfecting the recipe - we tested the sauce with multiple audiences to get it just right. 


 KPOP Sauce Bottle VoteMarch 2017: We asked the KPOP Fam to vote to choose our bottle design and couldn't be happier with the result.


April to June 2017: $37,627 raised from 1200+ backers on Kickstarter. We know you're still with us and that pumps us up. 
August 2017: Due to the overwhelming support from Kickstarter, we pulled off our first production run!
August 2017: We shot our first commercial and had a blast in the process - 3 dates with KPOP Sauce
February to December 2017: 6075 members in the KPOP Family
February to December 2017: 60,000+ video views of KPOP content
April to December 2017: 11,000 bottles of KPOP Sauce sold
April to December 2017:  18 delicious recipes created in the KPOP Kitchen



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