Top 4 Haunted Locations In Korea

Top 4 Haunted Locations In Korea


It’s time to get spooky 👻and get comfortable because we’re about to dive into 4 of the most haunted places in South Korea. While this country is known for many amazing things like its food and culture, it also has its dark history. In these places, we’re going to cover everything creepy from abandoned facilities, to burial grounds, and much more. Fair warning, these stories aren't for the faint of heart, so make sure you’re ready. We’d be lying if we said we didn't catch ourselves looking over our shoulders a couple of times while doing research. 👀

Yeongdeok House 

We have here the famous Yeongdeok House, which to this day still strikes fear in all the local native's souls. It’s said to have been built on the burial ground of 700 soldiers that fought and died in the Battle of Inchon. The first-ever owner of the home spent some time there until he passed away in a mysterious car accident. All owners of the house that followed continued to die from inexplicable events. One notable ghost that still roams the property is a young girl who committed suicide there for an unknown reason. With all the death that took place, it’s no shock that it leaves all those who step foot there with an eerie feeling. Many who have visited claim that it feels heavy and would experience unexplained sudden headaches and cold spots. During the night you can also hear the voices and cries of the soldiers that were once there. Whew, that’s one that will leave chills down your spine. 🥶

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital 

What’s scarier and more haunting than an old abandoned psychiatric hospital? Absolutely nothing. The Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital was deemed by CNN as one of the most horrifying places in the world. The hospital was closed in 1990 due to simple reasons such as sanitation and sewage issues during the economic downturn. It’s now abandoned and left to fall apart, ceilings collapsed, old mattresses and personal belonging left everywhere. However, the true horror is in when the hospital was in operation. Patients would pass away mysteriously - many claimed the hospital owner was holding them hostage and murdering them. Once the deaths were gaining attention from the government, the owner fled to America and hadn’t been seen since. Other stories include the doctors and the director taking their own lives, some say it’s from being driven to insanity, while others say they were possessed. Nobody will truly ever know the truth behind the mystery of Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital.

Neulbom Garden Restaurant 

The story of the Neulbom Garden Restaurant doesn’t get any less sad or creepy. It started off as a successful restaurant run by a couple and their disabled daughter. One day the daughter was tragically hit by a car at the entrance of the restaurant. Her father was then succumbed to so much grief that he committed suicide by hanging himself. Not long after, her mother fell ill and passed away. The Neulbom Garden Restaurant quickly became a home to tragedy and was sold off. Many have attempted to take over the store but strange occurrences left owners feeling uneasy. There were tales of staff forgetting to take orders from customers and when returning to them, they would find out a “female staff” had already served them when there was in fact no female staff working. Tables would also be left dirty the night before and staff would then come back the next day with everything clean. Thus, the beginning of the legend of the Ghost Runner. 

The Han River 

While t a popular tourist attraction during the day where you’ll find people going on strolls and having picnics, the night doesn’t leave you with the same peaceful feeling. In the past, the Han River served as a route for merchant ships arriving in Korea. However, pjacked the ships, and people were killed and thrown overboard. The spirits of those who died now eternally linger along the river. It’s said that if you get too close to the water, the water-ghost also known as mul gwishin, will pull you into the water to meet your untimely death. Needless to say, if you ever find yourself visiting this location you should take your departure by nightfall. 

There you have it, just 4 of some of the scariest locations in Korea. If you dare try, all locations listed above are open for visits. We on the other hand like to sleep peacefully at night, so we’ll happily stay in the comfort of our own home. 😎Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a haunting beginning to this spooky season!