4 Spooktacular Korean Superstitions

4 Spooktacular Korean Superstitions

Some superstitions can be scary and others, silly. This season is spooky enough, so we thought we’d introduce you guys to some slightly ridiculous but totally hilarious Korean superstitions! It’s up to you if you believe these or not, but we wouldn’t risk it if we were you 🙈

1. The Fth Floor Please.

In the States, the number 13 is deemed the unlucky number. It is so unlucky that some buildings skip the 13th floor in the elevator and go from 12 to 14! In South Korea (also in China and Japan), the unlucky number is actually 4. Why 4 you ask? 4 is considered unlucky because it sounds like the Chinese word for ‘death’. Most people do not move into houses if their addresses contain the number 4 because bad luck may follow them and certain buildings don’t have a 4th floor, but rather an ‘F’ floor in place of 4.

By the way, did anyone else notice that 1+3 = 4??? 

 2.  Chicken Wings

It’s no secret that we love chicken wings (it’s one of the things our sauces go best with), but who doesn’t like wings? However, it’s important to remember not to feed your significant other chicken wings because it is believed that they will ‘fly away’ (presumably with the aforementioned crispy delights)... but wait, chickens can’t even fly...

3. Pretty Food For Pretty Babies

With the rise of Instagram came the rise of well plated and pretty food. This definitely plays in favor of pregnant women. It is believed that pregnant women should eat only the appealing parts and pieces of food so that their babies will be good looking as well! We’re not sure we believe this, but just in case, thank goodness dad is there for the ugly pieces.

4. Taffy To Make It Stick

Students are great at coming up with ways to retain information for tests – flashcards, mnemonic devices, and eating taffy. Yes, we said taffy. After all, what better way to make the information ‘stick’ than with sticky food? At least that’s what Koreans believe. Other than eating taffy, they believe that slippery foods, such as seaweed soup, should not be eaten the night before a test so that the information will not ‘slip’ out! We don’t need to be told twice, more taffy please! 

5. Are We Dreaming Or Is That Bacon?

We had to throw in one last one, just to make sure we don’t bring bad luck to us this month!

Sometimes a dream can shake you to your core and other times, it can make you wish you could go back to sleep and continue the dream! Koreans believe that dreaming about pigs will bring wealth and fortune since these animals are associated with good luck! Koreans also believe that if you die in your dream, it means that you will get good luck when you wake up! We wonder … do dreams about bacon count? 

Some of Korea's traditions may be rooted in superstitions, but not all. Many traditions are rooted in religion, foreign influences, and food! Head over to our blog to read more about Korean culture and food. 

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