5 Ways to Drink Soju

5 Ways to Drink Soju

As your proud ambassadors of everything Korean, we here at KPOP foods take our jobs very seriously to give you a peek into what Korea truly looks, feels, and tastes like. There are many aspects of Korean culture: its art, its history, its people, its values. Today, we’ll talk about Korea’s favorite beverage: soju.

Soju is Korea’s lifeblood. That’s no hyperbole: the most popular soju brand, Jinro, sells 9 million bottles per day. Soju, a 20% liquor distilled in Korea, is held in the same cultural esteem as domestic beer in America. Have you ever seen a Budweiser ad? The slow motion clips of trucks plowing through creeks, a golden retriever, and some middle aged man at the brewery looking at the golden beer with pride. It’s not an advertisement for Budweiser; it’s an advertisement of what Budweiser stands for: America. Soju commercials are the same concept: it’s a hole in the wall Korean BBQ place, there’s a cute Korean girl giving you a glass, and the sizzle of meat with a background of KPOP music. It focuses on the Korean values and lifestyle that soju embodies.

Both beverages are the glue that holds us all together, and coincidentally, both beverages have plenty of games to consume excessive (yet responsible) amounts of alcohol. Here are 5 ways to drink soju:

1. Titanic

This game is best suited for 4-5 people. Take a regular beer glass and fill it up with beer, and then proceed to oh-ever-so gently place your soju glass on top of the full glass so it floats. Each person pours as much as they want to in the shot glass, but there’s a catch: if it sinks and you’re holding the soju bottle, you have to finish the soju/beer mixture. What ensues is like that scene in Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise is defusing the bomb: sweat-inducing competition as you watch the glass get closer and closer to sinking.

2. Flick the Cap

All soju bottle caps are made with metal so they’re bendable like a twisty tie. Flick the tail end of the cap as hard as you can, trying to make it come flying off. Whoever can successfully do so gets to choose people to drink. 

3. Noonchi Game

This one is a bit more complicated. Let’s say there are 5 people at the table. The objective is for the whole group to start at 1 and shout out the subsequent numbers without multiple people saying the number at the same time. For example, if two people were to shout out 2, those two people would drink. If your team chemistry is impeccable and you make it to 5, the last person has to drink.

4. Soju Pong

Yeah. It’s a thing. It has the exact same rules as beer pong, just with soju. Extra challenge: the middle cup is a mix of soju and beer.

5. With friends

That’s right. Koreans drink soju as a way to loosen up after a long day at work, and what better way to do this than with friends. People talk about their relationships, sports, their kids, and just socialize with each other. Grab a couple of your buddies, go to your favorite KBBQ place, and enjoy the drink that Koreans drink for every reason, or no reason at all.

The next time you have a chance, go to your local Korean BBQ place with some friends and try these games out. If you don't have a Korean BBQ place, try some of our KPOP sauce and do it at home. Click below to try it.

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