6 Must Try Refreshing Summer Salads!

6 Must Try Refreshing Summer Salads!

The Summer heat is setting in! ☀️ It’s time to freshen things up with some delicious Summer salads. They’re crunchy, light, and everything nice. Skip the boring caesar and try out one of these refreshing salads that are nothing short of flavorful. From savory, to creamy, to sweet, we have it all for you. Salads have never tasted so good. 😋

1. Asian Chicken Salad

Starting off strong with this Asian Chicken Salad! It’s amazing as a side for a nice summer dinner outside, enjoying the cool breeze. If you’re a fan of sweet and spicy this is a must try. Using both our Honey Glaze Sauce and Korean Chili Sauce you’ll get a perfect balance of sweet, spice, and a slight tang! This recipe is quick to make and easily adjustable to use whatever protein you prefer, a great way to get rid of any leftover meats you may have from the night before. 

Asian Chicken Salad recipe here!



2. Macaroni Salad 

Pasta - but make it salad. It’s a classic you can’t leave out at any picnic under the sun, but this one isn’t like one you’ve had before. Unlike other macaroni salads that may be bland, this one comes with a kick using our amazing Kimchi Mayo Sauce. With every bite you’ll taste a hint of tanginess from the Kimchi Mayo, crunch from the onions, and creaminess from the eggs. You definitely need to try this out at your next picnic! 

Macaroni Salad recipe here!


3. Potato Salad

You truly can never go wrong with potato salad at a backyard BBQ. It pairs perfectly with grilled meat and even tastes great on its own. What if we told you it could taste even better? Elevate your traditional potato salad with our Kimchi Mayo Sauce to give it an Asian kick! This is an easy way to spice up your classic potato salad while still letting it shine in all its potato glory. 🤩

Potato Salad recipe here!  

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4. Mexican Street Corn Salad 

We all love Mexican street corn, but let's be honest it can be kind of difficult to eat at times. Lucky for you, this Mexican Street Corn Salad is just as tasty minus all the hassle! You  can now say goodbye 👋 to dirty hands and kernels getting stuck in between your teeth. This recipe is bright and refreshing from the lime, not to mention so delicious with all the juicy grilled corn. Don’t wait any longer and try this one out today! 

Mexican Street Corn Salad recipe here!


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5. Fresh Peach Salad 

YES - fruit and salad together is the move. If you’re not convinced, let us tell you. You get sweet and savory all in one with the crunch of the fresh bed of salad and nuts mixed in. For all our texture people, you need to try this one out. We’re talking juicy, crunchy, and creamy. This is the recipe nobody knew they needed but definitely won’t be able to get over. 

Fresh Peach Salad recipe here!


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6. Watermelon Salad with Feta and Cucumber 

Now that we’re on the topic of fruits - WATERMELON SALAD. 🍉 Watermelon in the Summer is a go-to, now add it to your salad and it’ll be the ultimate *chefs kiss*! So sweet and so juicy, but slightly tart from the feta cheese, then add in the cucumbers for an extra layer of freshness! This recipe is by far a fan favorite in the summer. 

Watermelon Salad with Feta and Cucumber recipe here!

A salad for every occasion, which one have you decided to try first? 🤔 We don’t blame you if you’re having a hard time choosing. It’s a good thing you have all summer to try all of them! 🥳 Whichever one it is, we promise it’ll be absolutely delicious and a total hit with all your friends.