6 Self Care Tips To Get You Feeling Refreshed

6 Self Care Tips To Get You Feeling Refreshed

Everyday life can be hectic between school, work, cleaning, and everything else in between. It’s easy to put yourself on the back burner, but it’s important to remember to treat yourself. 🧖‍♀️Put on your favorite jams 🎶, let the grooves flow, and indulge in your favorite foods. There’s no right or wrong way to self-care, but there are definitely some go-to’s that never fail. Try out our favorite ways to get some rest and relaxation and let us know what worked best for you!

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1. Get Creative In The Kitchen

With how crazy out-of-control life is, it can be nice to just relax and do your thing in the kitchen. If you’re looking for an easy soothing time, pull out one of your tried and true recipes that you know hits the spot every time.  Or take this chance to get creative and play around with flavors you aren’t familiar with! 🧑‍🍳Our KPOP Variety Sauce Set is a great place to start, whether you want to test out sweet marinades or savory BBQ, this set has you covered. With unmatched versatility, they can be used in cooking, as a dip, marinade, or spread. If you’re looking for inspiration, our recipe page is dedicated to showing all the different ways to use our sauces. The possibilities are endless! Who knows, you might come up with the next viral recipe.  😉🔥

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2. Drink Soothing Tea

Nothing quite soothes the soul like a hot cup of tea. 🍵 Tea is well known for what seems like its limitless health benefits from helping with bloating, increasing energy, sore throats, and more. People often gravitate towards teas such as chamomile and mint when it comes to stress relief. Studies have shown that both teas contain properties that promote relaxation effects on the body, so the next time you’re having a long day, make yourself a hot cup of chamomile or mint tea! Not only do they do wonders on your body, but they’re also aromatic and taste amazing as well. 

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3. Indulge In Your Favorite Snacks

Sometimes boosting your mood is as simple as getting your munchies on! It’s okay to indulge once in a while, or all the time. Who’s really counting? 😌Get yourself that carton of ice cream or double fudge chocolate chip cookies. Now, if you’re a fan of crispy and savory, boy do we have a treat for you! Our Sea Snacks are absolutely addicting and come in 2 flavors - sea salt and kimchi for those who enjoy a little kick! They’re so delicious you won’t be able to put them down, but that’s okay because they’re organic, non-gmo, gluten free, and low calorie! This is the guilt free snack people didn’t know they needed. 😋

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4. Spend A Day At The Korean Spa 

If you haven’t experienced a Korean spa, then you’re missing out on a whole new world of relaxation. It’s a haven for all those who are trying to unwind. Unlike other spas that are limited to just saunas and massages, Korean spas have everything from heated rooms of a wide range of temperatures, to lounge areas with TV and wifi, eating areas, and spaces designated for sleeping. It really doesn’t get more relaxed than sleeping. 😉You can come on your own or it’s also a great bonding activity amongst couples and families as well. The next time you’re thinking of a spa day, definitely look up where your closest Korean spa is!  

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5. Treat Your Skin 

Is it really self-care if you’re not throwing a little skincare in there? Giving your skin some TLC will definitely have you looking and feeling better than ever! Wash away the day's stressors, drink water, and put on your favorite mask. Before you know it, your skin will be feeling soft, supple, and refreshed. If you don’t know where to start your skincare regimen, Korean skincare is absolutely top notch. They’re known for being highly effective and sensitive skin friendly so it’s perfect for everyone. 

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6. Do Yoga

Stress doesn’t only take a mental toll, but can very well take a physical toll as well. You’ll find your body feeling tense in areas such as your shoulders and back. An amazing way to combat this is through yoga which helps with alleviating knots, muscle tension and promotes flexibility. Yoga often includes relaxation techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises that also aid in reducing anxiety. If you’re looking for a way to bring both your mind and body back to relaxation, yoga is a must-try!  

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Remember - treat yourself because you deserve it, whether it’s indulging in your favorite foods or going on a full on spa day! 🤩We’re not letting stress run our lives this year so here's to more wealth and better health.