6 Ways To Commemorate Juneteenth

6 Ways To Commemorate Juneteenth

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Juneteenth is just around the corner and for those who don’t know - June 19th marks the liberation of the last enslaved African Americans in Texas. This is a historical day thats changed the trajectory of many lives and led us to where we are today. It’s by honoring days like this, that we’ll be able to continue progressing as a society. If you’re wondering where to start in commemorating Juneteenth, we’re here to help. Keep reading to see all the different ways you can celebrate this wonderful day! 🥳

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1. Educate, Educate, Educate!

First and foremost - education! Read up on what Juneteenth is, who it affected, and why it’s so important. To keep history alive, you have to first know about it. Luckily for you, with todays technology that’s nothing a quick little google search won’t fix. There are also plenty of books out there covering this topic that will help you understand it a lot better. Now educating starts with yourself, but doesn’t end there. Make sure you’re teaching the little ones around you and spreading the knowledge to your friends and family. 

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2. Go To Museums

Educating doesn’t mean you have to stick to reading, get out of the house and explore the many museums out there that cover Black history and culture. This is perfect for those who want to learn in a more interactive way, plus it’s just fun! If you find yourself in Washington D.C., the Smithsonian is a great place to start! They have specific scheduling dedicated for Juneteenth where you’ll see everything from art, history, to hearing stories. Don’t worry if you’re not in the area -  a quick search will find you the next best museum near you! 

More information on the Smithsonian Juneteenth Calendar here!

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3. Support Black-Owned Restaurants

The time is always but if there had to be a time to give some extra lovin’ to Black-owned restaurants, it’s now! No better way to step into a culture than by immersing yourself in their food 😋, after all its a universal form of love. Go and dine in or take out your local Black-owned restaurant to show them some support! The amazing food is also a gigantic plus. Our personal favorites are gumbo and of course the classic chicken and waffles. This is a great chance to also branch out and try something you’ve never had before! 

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4. Donate To Causes That Support POC 

Another beautiful way to honor Juneteenth is by donating to causes that extend their efforts in aiding those a part of the POC community. We’re not all given the same privileges in life and it’s important to recognize that. What we can do is to help in any small way we can, such as donating! Any amount makes an impact and a difference even if we don’t think so. That’s not to say that money is the only thing you can donate either - you can give back with clothing, food, or simply your time!  

Check out what cause you can donate to here!

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5. Throw A Cookout

We’ve all heard about the cookouts - now can we really celebrate Black culture and all its glory without one?! Cookouts bring everyone together to have a good time and just enjoy some delicious food. So take out the grill and put on an apron, because there's no time to play anymore. The cookout throw downs mean serious business, so you have to make sure you come through prepared. Some classics you can’t miss are potato salad, ribs, and chicken wings. They’re quintessential dishes that set the perfect cookout vibes. 

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6. Attend Juneteenth Events

Last but not least, attend a Juneteenth event or festival! You’re not the only one trying to celebrate, go and explore all the exciting celebrations that are happening. For those in the Los Angeles area, there's Juneteenth at the Hollywood Bowl and the Juneteenth x Black History Festival - both of which will have music, food, art, and poetry. If that doesn’t sound like an amazing time with friends, we don’t know what does. Find an event closest to you by simply looking up “Juneteenth events” and your location. Even if you don’t happen to find one, what’s to stop you from throwing your own celebration?! You can be the fun and host your own event! 

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Celebrations aside, at the end of the day it’s important to remember what Juneteenth really means and how it’s changed the lives of so many. We’ve come so far as a society and preserving history like this is how we’ll continue to move forward. As a minority-owned business, this holiday holds special meaning to us as well and we promise to never forget the true weight of what this day holds. ❤️🤍💙