A Beautiful Painting Made By Mom ❤️

A Beautiful Painting Made By Mom ❤️

India and Ulrick have been loyal KPOP Fam members from the very beginning. It all started when they went out with friends to Korean restaurants and tried foods such as kimchi and bibimbap. Trying to find authentic Korean flavors in places like New York and San Diego had been difficult, so when their friend gave them KPOP sauces to try, they were hooked. 

Read on to learn more about India and Ulrick and what inspired them to create this painting.

Tell us about yourselves.
India and Ulrick have been married for 2.5 years now. They're both usually traveling for work, (India works in consulting and Ulrick in hospitality) but since safe at home measures have been implemented, they've been able to spend more time with India's mom, Robin. Robin is a retired art professor and now spends her time giving lectures on art at the Oceanside Museum of Art.

What are your hobbies?
Since staying at home, they’ve both been cooking and baking a lot. They spend their time trying new recipes and baking new pastries. India tells us that Ulrick is the pastry chef of the house while Robin is a great chef in general.

What is your favorite KPOP sauce?
India’s go-to is the original KPOP Sauce and Ulrick’s is KPOP XXX. 

How do you use the sauces?
Their favorite way to use the sauce is on bibimbap (a Korean rice dish), which they make about once a week. 

How long does a bottle of sauce last?
If they’re lucky, one sauce bottle will last them a month! As the seasoned sauce pros they are, they currently have multiple bottles upside down in the fridge so they can get every last drop.

What is the food/sauce combo you were unsure of, but turned out great?
They love using KPOP sauces in their arugula salad with white sweet potatoes. Ulrick says, “It really just gives flavor to anything bland!” 

Why did you feel inspired to have this painting made?
It started with a few paintings of other favorite food products hanging in their kitchen. They then thought they needed to “beef up that part of the wall”. While brainstorming what the next masterpiece should be, they thought, since they use KPOP sauces on everything, it was really the next logical piece. And thus, they asked Robin to help them bring it to life. 

What did Robin think about this request?
Since they’ve asked her to paint other food paintings before, this did not come as a surprise. While painting this, Robin wanted to give it the same pop and vibrancy as the labels on the sauce with some elegance. 

How much do you think this painting is worth and would you sell it for that much?
Without hesitation they answered, “We think this is priceless.” So we think it's safe to assume you won't see this anywhere else. 

Would Robin be interested in painting more KPOP Foods paintings?
We were glad to hear that she would be interested in doing so, but in different mediums - maybe water paint or acrylic. 

India runs an Instagram account to help promote Oceanside as well as her mother’s work. If you would like to see more of Robin’s work, hear her lectures related to art, or see what’s happening in Oceanside, feel free to follow them on Instagram @osideeventgoer or visit Robin’s website: