Anderson duo's startup KPOP Foods offers taste of Korean Culture

By Megan Daley of Daily Bruin

Theo Lee begins to introduce himself slowly in a grayscale video on his startup’s Kickstarter page when his grandmother suddenly pops up on the screen.

“Theo, are you trying to bore them to death?” his grandmother says in Korean. The screen brightens, and Lee catches a bottle of hot sauce thrown from off-screen.

Mike Kim and Theo Lee, MBA candidates at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, are beginning to spread the word about their new product, K POP Sauce, a sweet, tangy sauce based on Lee’s grandmother’s secret recipe. Their Kickstarter page, which features a promotional video, has helped the team raise almost $20,000 to launch their company, KPOP Foods

The company began as their master’s thesis and turned into a full-fledged startup this year to share an aspect of their culture with others.

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