Chef Chris Oh's Holiday Favorites

Chef Chris Oh's Holiday Favorites

Holiday season is here and that means it’s time to get shopping! You may catch yourself feeling like you don’t even know where to begin. We've been there and felt that, so that’s why we’ve put together a list to help you kick off your holiday shopping! We’ve compiled some of our very own Head of Product’s, Chris Chef Oh, favorites for the holidays. He’s an expert when it comes to food so you better believe these recommendations are about to be the best of the best!

1. The Kimchi Mayo We All Need

We’re starting strong with our very own Kimchi Mayo Sauce that Chef Chris Oh created himself! Chef Chris Oh has been able to make a name for himself in the food industry winning multiple food shows such as Cut Throat Kitchen and more! You can truly see his talent in how well thought out this sauce is. Kimchi Mayo is a versatile sauce that can be used as a spread, dip, or to finish off any dish. This is great to give to someone who loves to play around in the kitchen. Our Kimchi Mayo has all the flavors of regular mayo but with a kick from our Korean inspired seasonings added to it. For our seafood lovers, one of our favorite ways to use it is to drizzle it  on top of crab cakes.🤤 If that doesn’t call your name, feel free to check out our other Kimchi Mayo Recipes to see a variety of ways this awesome sauce can be used!

2. Sauce Gift Sets Packed With A Punch

You simply can’t go wrong with choosing one of our Sauce Gift Sets. They’re available in 4 different options, with 3 sauces in each set. Not only is this a steal, but with this kind of variety, you can cater it to whoever you are gifting this to. Whether it be for someone who’s more spice oriented or someone who prefers something more mild, we have it all! Our personal favorite and classic is the Legends Set that includes our best selling sauces, such as our Korean Chili Sauce, Kimchi Mayo, and Honey Glaze. To sweeten the deal even more, with each set you’ll receive stickers and a bandana!

3. Beautifully Packaged Seoraksan Cookies

Introducing our Seoraksan Cookies, Chef loves to share these with his family! Not only are the cookies designed like mountains themselves, they also come in a beautifully crafted box that looks like a painting (based off the Seorak Mountain in South Korea), making it very aesthetically pleasing to look at and great for gifting. The Seoraksan cookies come individually packed and in a variety of flavors which is excellent for sharing. The flavors they come in include plain, green tea, chocolate, and white chocolate. With all that variety, these cookies are definitely Santa Approved! 🎅

4. Delectable Premium Choco Pie Gift Set

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This Choco Pie Gift Set is sure to hit all the Choco-Spots! 😌 They’re a light and moist chocolate cake that comes with airy whipped cream in the center to give every bite that extra oomph. Perfect to gift to a family with little ones. They’re packaged individually as well, making it super easy to share or even take on the go as a snack, so no child is left behind without a little sweet!

5. Buy An Experience, Chef Chris Oh's KBBQ Set 

If you have a serious meat lover in your life, we promise there is no better way to their hearts than a KBBQ experience brought right to their home. Chef Chris Oh has his very own KBBQ Kit that just doesn’t miss when recreating the KBBQ experience - from the immaculate quality of meat to corn cheese to banchan and much more! The KBBQ Kit comes in two selections for a party of 2 or 4. If they’re a fan of something more premium, the A5 Wagyu Experience kit is one that’ll change the game as it comes with 1lb of A5 Wagyu! 🤤

6. The Beginners Favorite - Tojiro DP Gyutou 

A chef's best friend is none other than their trusty knife. If the person you’re shopping for is a beginner cook, help them start off their journey with a great knife! Fortunately for you, the Tojiro DP Gyutou has the premium quality without the premium price. With its extremely sharp blade made of literal steel, you’re able to make paper thin slices of vegetables and meats. You won’t have trouble cutting anything with this bad boy!  

7. The Essential Victoria Cast Iron Skillet 

Every home cook needs a solid cast iron skillet to finish off their collection. Why not be the one to finally fill that piece in for them! The Victoria Cast Iron Skillet is one that not only Chef Chris Oh stands by, but has been ranked by Foodnetwork to be the best overall skillet on the market. We all know how heavy skillets can be, well no need to worry about wrists breaking with this one! It’s lightweight, making it easy to use and has a smooth surface with just enough texture to make seasonings stick, giving you the perfect sear. This is what we call an iron skillet done right!