Costumes, Italians & Gochujang: A Recap of the Fancy Food Show

Costumes, Italians & Gochujang: A Recap of the Fancy Food Show

What do you get when you cross delicious food, rising stars, and a gorgeous city? Well, after last weekend, the KPOP Team is adamant that the answer is the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. As a young company, this was KPOP Foods’ first convention, so we wanted to share our great experience with everyone!

Our booth was located in the “New Brands on the Shelf” Pavilion among a number of other new but very impressive brands. When we left our awesome community of new companies, our team was welcomed with over 80,000 speciality foods and drinks. Everyone met some pretty incredible people and ate enough food to keep us full for the entire week!

And people seemed to love our sauce! All the people who stopped by our booth raved about our sauce and even enjoyed taste testing a new product that will be hitting shelves soon…

KPOP Team at the Fancy Food Show

Then, once we got comfortable, we broke out the Saucestume...

Hayley KPOP Saucetume

Cal KPop Saucetume

Shyun KPop Saucetume

...and attendees throughout the floor went crazy for it!

KPop Fans Crowd

KPop Sauce Fans

KPop Fans with Hayley in her Saucetume

When everything was said and done, it was clear that our first expo was a huge success. Not only were we able to meet important contacts and spread KPOP sauce to a new audience, our team also had the time of our lives! We decided unanimously that we’ll have to go back next year, better than ever.

But until then, get yourself some KPOP to help to tide you over HERE.

KPop Foods Founders Mike and Theo


Also, shoutout to all the amazing brands we met at the show!

Moose Munch:
Abeles & Heymann:
Lee’s Coffee:
Chile Crunch:
Idaho Candy Co:
Perky Jerky:
Secret Aardvark:
Big Fork: