FabFitFun x Pinterest x KPOP Foods

FabFitFun x Pinterest x KPOP Foods

I’m really happy for you, but KPOP Foods is one of the top trends of 2018. 


You know that feeling when you put a mask on your face and instantly the days of binge drinking and eating boatloads of carbs have been reversed? If you haven’t, get on that mask. Well, we have something that goes 100x beyond that feeling.

Women’s lifestyle brand FabFitFun announced a collaboration with Pinterest that represents the top trends to try in 2018. Our KPOP Sea Snacks are featured in the FabFitFun Pinterest 100 Box. The P100 Box will be revealed at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and will also be available for pre-order today.

Use code KPOP10 to save $10 off your first box at (exclusive offer for first-time customers).

Now, what is the Cannes Lions Festival? It’s the place to be. Picture Kanye West rolling up to the red carpet after him and Kim just spent a day on their yacht. Now maybe you don’t have a yacht... you still don’t need to travel the world to find the top trends of 2018. After you finish your beauty regimen, sit back, open your box, pretend you’re drinking champagne with Ye and Kim, and take a bite out of your KPOP Sea Snacks. Get your fix here

Unless you’re spending your afternoon in Cannes, you don’t need much to enjoy our fresh and crispy Sea Snacks. Bring your designer bag, grab your Sea Snacks and hit the (imaginary) red carpet.

Adopt me Kim & Ye,
Queen B