Fall 2022 Back To School Essentials

Fall 2022 Back To School Essentials

School is about to be back in session and whether you’re a student or a parent sending your kiddo off, it can be a very stressful time. There’s a lot of preparation to be done before the big school year begins, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! We put together 2 lists of our top essentials, one for kiddos and one for college students, that’ll make the year go by smoother. Not to mention, we made sure to keep your wallets in mind because we all know how expensive supplies and books can get! Keep reading to check out what we put together for ya!

For The Kiddos

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1. Lunchbox 

Introducing to you - the ultimate kid-friendly lunchbox! The Bentgo Kids Lunch Box is amazing for many reasons. Let’s start with the fact that it’s made with kids in mind, meaning all the compartments are sized for kid portions so you won’t have food sliding all around. They’re leak proof, so no matter how many times it’s being tossed around or flipped upside down, you won’t see spillage. Most importantly, it’s durable. Kids aren’t always the most gentle and having to replace a lunch box every other month isn’t exactly ideal. If you have an active kiddo, this is the one to get! 

Get your Bentgo Kids Lunch Box here!

2. Sea Snacks 

Now that we have settled the lunch box situation, 😮‍💨 let’s talk about what’s happening inside it. As a busy parent, it can be tough finding something healthy, delicious, and easy to pack. Snacks like chips or goldfish can easily become a go-to, but they’re not the best for every day. Switch it up and switch it out with our Sea Snacks that are made with less oil, less salt, and use only 4 simple healthy organic ingredients on top of being totally delish! They’re crispy, light, and so flavorful you might even find yourself addicted to them. They’re packaged individually for perfect portioning and easy to take anywhere for you or your kids.  

Grab your Sea Snacks here!

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3. Water Bottle 

Let's be honest, kids will be doing anything from chasing a leaf to doing random tumbles on the playground. These lil guys are unpredictable, but what we do know is the thirst will come. Hydration is key, so make sure you send them to school with the Thermos Funtainer! It has vacuum insulation technology that’ll keep drinks cold 🧊 for up to 12 hours, perfect to quench any thirst from running around. It’s also made with 18/8 stainless steel to survive any drop while still being lightweight. They’re also easy to use with a push button lid and has a covered straw to keep all the germs away! Sounds like the perfect water bottle if you ask us. 🤩

Grab your Thermos Funtainer here!

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4. Cute Supplies 

Pump up the excitement for school with some fun school supplies! This is a great way to make learning a little bit more fun for those who might not be looking forward to school as much. Whether it be sword shaped pens or cute octopus highlighters, the options are endless these days. They even have pop notebooks for those who struggle with anxiety in the classroom! Any way to incorporate your kiddos favorite things into school will always make things even a little bit better for them. 😊

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University Ready

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1. Lunch box

Technology has done it once again, we present to you the CTSZOOM Self Cooking Electric Lunch Box. That’s right, you can now enjoy your meal hot or even cooked fresh on the spot! All you need is access to an outlet and you’re good to go. This is perfect for when you’re studying at the library or even if you’re traveling at a hotel! It’s made with food grade PP material, non-fragile, and is temperature resistant! There are two stainless steel bowl dish plates that are removable, making them completely easy to clean. With this, you can leave your cold sandwiches behind and say hello to delicious steamed meat and veggies! 🍲

Grab your CTSZOOM Self Cooking Electric Lunch Box here!

2. Lobster Ramen 

Of course, you can’t forget the classic college staple - ramen. Ramen has saved us more times than not in our college days, it’s quick, delicious, and cheap. Back then the only flavors you could really find were beef, chicken, and shrimp, but now the ramen getting has been upped. Our current favorite is the Olle Badang Lobster Ramen. The broth has a spicy and savory seafood flavor while not being overly salty and the noodles are firm, making each bite pleasantly chewy. With the quality of the noodles and broth combined, you’ll feel like you’re eating freshly made ramen in a matter of minutes! 

Grab your Olle Badang Lobster Ramen here!


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3. Portable Charger 

Portable chargers are a must have for long days on campus, especially if you’re pulling one of those infamous all nighters at the library. While portable chargers are great, many are bulky or have the charging speed of a snail. Luckily for you, INIU Portable Charger has a slim and sleek design and will charge your phone fully charged before you know it. It’s also compatible with many devices and has multiple ports so you can charge more than one device at a time! That’ll come in handy more often than you think and you’ll definitely be a lifesaver in every study group! 

Grab your INIU Portable Charger here!


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4. Laptop bag 

For most, you get all your schoolwork done on your laptop and the last thing you need is for it to break on you. 😩Keep your laptop protected now by getting the Nacuwa 360 Protective Sleeve. It has reinforced corners for extra protection and is made with spill resistant material for when the inevitable spilled coffee situation happens. For added convenience, there’s also a large side pocket to keep all your laptop essentials together, i.e. your charger, mouse, and mouse pad! The best part of all, you can’t beat this at the price of just $10. 🤑We’re talking about ballin’ on a budget! 

Grab your Nacuwa 360 Protective Sleeve here!

With these essentials by your side, the school year will have nothing on you! You’ll be ready and prepped for anything that comes your way. But all shopping aside, remember to make the most of the school year by being open to learning and also taking care of yourself as well! From everyone here at KPOP Foods, we’re rooting for you! 🥳