Get To Know Chris Oh

Get To Know Chris Oh

Last week, we announced our new Head of Product and Product Development, Chef Chris Oh. He is the founder of Seoul Sausage Co., managing partner of Escala, owner of Chingu, and the winner of multiple TV competition shows.

For those of you that don’t know Chris, he loves food more than anything else. It’s that love, passion, and talent that has transformed him into a successful serial restaurateur. But, Chris wasn’t always a chef. His parents expected him to become a doctor, but Chris had other plans. Watch the video below to learn more.

Business and pleasure...Who says they have to be separate? With shorts on and a beer in hand, Chris means business. Chris aims to be the “Jay-Z of the food world.” Get him near food and there’s no stopping him.

Now with someone as hardworking as Chris… it’s no surprise that he likes to have fun. Did someone say soju? Soju was Chris’ first word. Watch below and see why Chris and Soju are a match made in heaven.

Now… you must be starving after that video. You also might be wondering “how do I even eat Korean BBQ?” Lucky for you , Chris has the answer. Watch below and see Chris break down each dish served at Korean BBQ. (WARNING: this will make you even hungrier)

We know this video didn’t help but we’ve broken down where to eat in Koreatown. Check out our hunger-inducing blog post and explore the culinary mecca that is Los Angeles. Trust us, you won’t leave these restaurants hungry.

And if you're not near these restaurants, bring home Korean flavors and add a delicious twist to your meals by checking out our line of sauces.