Influential Asian Americans You Need To Know About

Influential Asian Americans You Need To Know About

Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Month! 🥳 We couldn’t be more proud to be an Asian American owned company! Growing up as an Asian American comes with its own trials and tribulations, but time and time again we’ve shown the world how resilient we are. This month is the time to celebrate all the amazing things we’ve been able to accomplish. It warms our hearts to see people who look like us, making a presence in the world. Here are just a few inspirational Asian Americans who are doing it big and doing it right! 

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Sunisa Lee

Where have you been if you haven’t heard of Sunisa Lee?! At just 18 years old, Sunisa won gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, making her the first Hmong American olympian. She didn’t get there just by chance, but by hard work and determination. Her gymnastics journey started when she was only 6 years old and it was anything but easy. On her road to gold she suffered from depression, losing her aunt and uncle to Covid-19, broke her foot, and dealt with her father going through an unfortunate accident which left him paralysed from his chest down. Through everything, her and her family remained positive and she was able to take home gold! She definitely couldn’t have made Team USA and the Hmong community any more proud! ❤️

Try not to cry and click here to watch her family’s reaction to her victory. 🥇

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Randall Park 

Next up we have Randall Park, also popularly known as Louis Hang from Fresh Off The Boat! Born in Los Angeles, he went on to graduate from a magnet program in high school and then got his Masters in Asian American Studies at UCLA. We have to say, this man has brains and talent! 😌 During a time where Asian Americans are unfortunately still underrepresented, he was able to break through and cast roles in a variety of films and television shows such as Ant Man, The Office, WandaVision and more. He even starred in his own Netflix film called Always Be My Maybe, which reached 32 million households within the first four weeks! If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is 😮‍💨. Randall continues to work on more projects today and brings laughter to the world!

Watch the trailer to Always Be My Maybe here!

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Olivia Rodrigo 

Here’s one girl who has done nothing short of taking the world by storm with her talent. Olivia Rodrigo, a 19 year old Filipina American had any and everyone who's ever experienced heartbreak, belting out her song Drivers License in early 2021. She was only 18 when she released her song and the success came rolling in. Her music touched so many, regardless of age or gender as it was so relatable. I mean, who hasn’t cried over a crush before? 😭 Deservingly so, during the 2022 Grammys, she was nominated 7 times and won 3 Grammys for her first album! 👏 We are so proud of her and can’t wait to hear what else she has in store for us!

Check out the song that changed it all here!

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Kaohly Her

Kaohly Her is an American politician and a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, but she’s also a mother of 2 daughters, a wife, and a daughter of survivors of oppression. Growing up to immigrant parents, she was always taught the importance and power of education. After studying hard and obtaining her Master's in Business Administration, Kaohly experienced first hand how much education had done for her. Now she strives to give back to the community everything it had given her. She stands for equitable education, affordable healthcare, and criminal justice reform. Talk about a heart of gold 💛, what she’s doing is truly so admirable to say the least! 

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Amy Tan

Do you remember that book Joy Luck Club, the one that made you feel a whirlwind of every emotion imaginable? 😩 Well, it was written by this amazing woman, Amy Tan. Growing up in California and some time in Switzerland, Amy studied English and Linguistics at San Jose State University and UC Berkeley. In 1987, she took her mother to revisit China where she met her two half sisters. This journey inspired her first novel, Joy Luck Club which touches on the complexities of navigating a parent-child relationship with cultural and generational differences. It went on to become a bestseller, selling over 275,000 copies and turned into a film that was met with huge success. Amy continued to write many other best sellers, such as The Kitchen God’s Wife, The Hundred Secret Senses, and more. Needless to say, her books are a work of art. 👏

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Chris Oh

Last but most certainly not least, we have Celebrity Chef Chris Oh, who is also our Head of Product 😌. Even as a kid, Chris has always had a love for food, whether it be watching his mom in the kitchen or cooking for his brother after school. It goes without saying, he knew he wanted to pursue a culinary career, but his parents didn’t approve. He went to college, got a stable job, and was left still feeling unfulfilled. That’s when he decided to do what we all should do, which is follow our dreams 😉. Chris picked up his life, moved to Los Angeles, and pursued cooking. Now he’s the chef and owner of numerous restaurants including Um.Ma. San Francisco and Chingu Hawaii. He’s won multiple Television competitions, on top of appearing on them as a Judge as well. Regardless of all the success he’s got under his belt, he hasn’t slowed down and doesn’t intend to! ❤️‍🔥

Check out his amazing restaurants here!

Although AAPI Heritage Month is a wonderful time to recognize amazing individuals, it’s also about just uplifting people in general and loving one another. Love and respect is something that is held near and dear across all Asian cultures and that’s ultimately what we aim to share with the world. 😊