4 Korean Psychological Thriller Movies To Watch This Spooky Season

4 Korean Psychological Thriller Movies To Watch This Spooky Season

Everyone knows South Korea for their heart wrenching Korean dramas that will make you forget about Disney fairytales. Aside from the great dramas, on the opposite spectrum, when it comes to psychological/thriller movies, no one does it like South Korea. From psychological thrillers to horror, these movies will leave you feeling dread, terror, and more with the twists and turns. Make sure to watch a Disney movie after so you don’t get nightmares! 

1. Oldboy 

Oldboy is an action psychological thriller you don’t want to miss. The film starts off with a man, Oh Dae-su, who is kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years. He is finally released and goes on a mission to find out who imprisoned him and why. While searching for the answers to his questions, he meets a woman and falls in love. Their relationship isn’t an easy one and the ending will leave your jaw on the floor. Follow the twists and turns of this movie on Shudder!

2. Train To Busan

Calling all zombie fans! If you’re looking for action, horror, and some tugging at heart strings action, Train to Busan is perfect for you. The movie starts off with a father and daughter getting on the train to see the little girl’s mom. Shortly after they enter the train, a zombie apocalypse breaks out and they, along with the other passengers of the train, have to fight for their lives. This movie has zombies, gore, and character development that will have you crying for each of the characters. See who survives the apocalypse on Amazon Prime.

3. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

This movie will give you Paranormal vibes. A found footage type of horror film, this movie follows a group of people part of a web series as they go into one of the most haunted places in the world - Gonjiam, an abandoned psychiatric hospital. In the beginning, one of the members of the group pour out a bowl of holy water to see what happens. As expected, paranormal things start happening to each of the members until none are left. At the end of the movie, you see the bowl of holy water start boiling, but there are no members in sight. See what happens to the group on Amazon Prime.

4. A Tale of Two Sisters

This psychological horror will leave you wondering what is real and what is all in your head. The movie focuses on a girl who returns home from a mental institution to her father, sister, and step-mother. The girl believes that her step-mother is abusing her sister and tries to do everything in her power to save her sister. One day, she finds her step-mother dragging a bloody sack and believes that her sister is in there …. And well, we’ll leave it at that. The ending is the best part so we won’t give that away. Find out what really happened on Amazon Prime!