KPOP does the Spicy Ramen Challenge

KPOP does the Spicy Ramen Challenge

There’s nothing like an internet trend to cause people to willingly subject themselves to torture. And that’s exactly what we did over here at KPOP Foods with the Spicy Ramen Challenge.

A few of us were brave enough to try Samyang Hek's Nuclear Hot Chicken Ramen and participate in the infamous Spicy Ramen Challenge. To say that these noodles are spicy is a drastic understatement. This ramen is the spiciest instant ramen currently on the market, scoring a whooping 8,808 on the Scoville scale. That’s twice as much as your average jalapeno.

The goal of the challenge is to eat as much as you can before you tap out, taking 10 second breaks between each bite.

Without further ado, we present to you the KPOP Spicy Ramen Challenge: The CEO vs. The Marketing Wiz vs. The Intern. Who will win!?