Memorial Day BBQ 101

Memorial Day BBQ 101

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The days are getting warmer and brighter ☀️, meaning Memorial Day is coming up! As a veteran owned business, this holiday holds a special place in our hearts. Let's take some time to appreciate those who have served and given their lives to our country. America wouldn’t be what it is without you all, now let’s get celebrating - Memorial Day weekend calls for the annual backyard BBQ! It’s time to bring out the grill, invite all your favorite people over, and bask in the sun. 😎  Don’t get stressed now, we’ve put together Memorial Day BBQ 101 so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Follow this step by step guide and we guarantee this Memorial Day weekend will be the best one yet!

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1. Get Organized

 Rule number 1 to planning anything is to get organized! Important things to consider include spacing, budget, and guest list. It doesn’t matter how good the vibes are if you don’t have enough space for your guests to hang out comfortably or if they’re going hungry because you didn’t budget enough money towards food. Get ahead and send out invites, that way you can get a head count of how many people are going to show up. With that, you can properly budget how much money you need to allocate to things like food, drinks, decorations, etc. Start off with these 3 things and you’ll have a good foundation to work off of!

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2. Set The Vibes

The first thing people see when they arrive are going to be the decorations or lack thereof! Ambiance is everything, so make sure you incorporate a lot of fun colors. Being that it’s Memorial Day Weekend, red, white, and blue are a must. You can go as simple as hanging up streamers or banners, both of which you can get in store for convenience or make on your own to save some extra bucks. The home made route can also double as a fun family activity as well! If you want to go all out, get some festive tablecloths, flags, or garlands. Now, we know not everybody has a creative eye, but luckily there are plenty of decor packs out there to purchase. Decorating really couldn’t get any easier! 😌

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3. BBQ Essentials

What’s a backyard BBQ without the classics? Hot dogs and burgers are essentials, but we highly suggest spicing things up. Our Korean Slaw Dogs for one, are a great take on the traditional hot dog with an Asian twist. The slaw has a slight kick and tang from the jalapeños and kimchi while still being light and refreshing - cutting nicely with the juicy hot dog and warm toasted bun 😋. Serve this and we promise you your guests will be more than impressed! 

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4. You Bring It, We Grill It!

Alternatively, you can invite your guests to bring something of their own that can be cooked at the BBQ. Hosting a party can definitely add up and we don’t blame you if you don’t want to break the bank. This is great because not only will it save you money, but it’ll ensure that everyone has at least one item they want to eat there. We call that knocking out two birds with one stone! Now, all you have to worry about is making sure there’s a good cook on grill duty. 🧑‍🍳

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5. Beat The Heat

There’s nothing more refreshing than enjoying a cold popsicle on a hot sunny day. The kiddos love it after running around all day in the heat, but don't leave the adults out on the fun! Boozy popsicles are the ultimate summer treat if you’re 21+. Not only does it help you let loose, but it actually tastes delicious too. There are a million and one recipes out there with every kind of alcohol you can imagine, but you can personalize it to however you want! Pair your go-to alcohol with your favorite juice and you’re good to go! 

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6. It's All Fun And Games

Enjoying each other's company is always a good time, but if you want to go above and beyond, have some activities out to keep people entertained. Things as simple as leaving out coloring pages or balls to play with can go a long way for the little ones! For the older crowd, corn hole and spike ball is always fun and you can team up to play against others. After all, there’s no better bonding experience than working together to beat your opponent in a game. 

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Follow this guide and we have no doubt that you’ll have the best Memorial Day weekend ever! 🥳. Most importantly don’t forget to apply sunscreen and take lots of pictures because it’ll be a fun filled day you won’t want to forget. ❤️