Must Try Sauce and Noodle Combinations

Must Try Sauce and Noodle Combinations

To commemorate National Noodle Month and National Sauce Month, we’ve recreated popular Asian noodle and sauce combinations that are sure to make you drool! Featuring our delicious range of sauces, we’ve added a saucy kick to these dishes and made it our own. These recipes are not only delicious, but they’re simple and easy to make, so we hope you enjoy 😝

1. Jjajangmyeon

Jjanjangmyeon is a Chinese-styled Korean noodle dish that includes wheat flour noodles and a savory, smoky black bean sauce. Making this dish from scratch can be very time-consuming and difficult, so many people either buy the premade refrigerated packets or simply buy the ramen version of this dish! If you’ve watched Parasite, the critically acclaimed Korean movie, you would’ve seen a popular scene of the housekeeper making the ramen version of this dish! However, the movie adds a twist to this delicious dish by mixing it with another spicier, umami-flavored ramen. We’ve recreated this new dish, Japaguri, in the same exact way but added our special ingredient, the KPOP XXX Sauce, to give the dish a spicier and more delectable kick! These ramen noodles are quite easy to procure and this recipe only takes about 15 minutes, so we definitely recommend this combination!

2. Garlic Noodles

We know garlic noodles are a fan favorite amongst many, many people! It’s easy to demolish a whole plate of this addictive dish when it’s a mix of buttery, nutty, salty, and savory goodness! But have you tried it with gochujang? Combined with the caramelized garlic noodles, the gochujang sauce gives this simple dish more depth with its spicier and slightly sweet Original KPOP Chili Sauce! Try this gochujang garlic noodle dish at home! 

3.  Pad Thai

This next dish was inspired by the popular Thai noodle dish, pad thai. We recreated this dish so that it could be made quickly and simply, while still maintaining that delicious, nutty and spicy flavor. Mixed with garlic, sesame oil, carrots, peanuts, cilantro, green onion, and a combination of our  KPOP Honey Glaze and Original KPOP Chili sauce, our version of pad thai is slightly sweet, spicier, and absolutely scrumptious. Find the recipe here!

4. Chow Mein

If you’ve ever had chow mein, you know that it’s a Chinese stir-fried noodle that uses a combination of oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, mirin, and other ingredients, cooked in a wok to give it that “breath of wok,” smoky taste. Our recipe adds marinated shrimp, garlic, ginger, and other vegetables to the dish and dresses it with our KPOP Honey Glaze and one of our spicier chili sauces to give the chow mein a spicy, honeyed taste! We definitely recommend caramelizing the veggies and shrimp with our sauces! You can find the recipe here

5. Bibimguksu

While the last four dishes are best served warm or hot, bibimguksu is a cold noodle dish that’s perfect for hotter weather. Though you may not think a spicy dish is refreshing, many Koreans  differentiate between types of spiciness, like irritatingly spicy, deliciously spicy, and refreshingly spicy. Some types of spicy are even used as a form of therapy for many! This particular dish falls under deliciously spicy and refreshingly spicy.  Adding cool veggies, chewy noodles, sesame oil and seeds, and our Original KPOP Chili sauce, it’s an easy, nutty, and spicy dish that’s  savory, slightly sweet, and incredibly flavorful!

6. Ramen

You’ve probably seen (and eaten) more than ten types of ramen, and if you look up different ramens, you’ll probably see more than 100 different variations. We’ve taken the instant ramen noodles and made it into a cold dish, reminiscent of bibimguksu (mentioned above). Named Seaweed Ramen, we’ve included green onion stalk, perilla oil, soy sauce, and our star ingredient, crumbled seaweed (KPOP Sea Snacks), to give this dish a unique, nutty, light, tangy, and crisp flavor! We highly recommend adding over 2-3 cups of the crumbled seaweed for a toastier, umami flavor!!

7. Rabokki

Rabokki is the combination of ramen and ddukbokki (spicy, stir-fried rice cakes). This is a popular street food dish in Korea! We personally love chewier dishes, so these rice cakes are perfectly chewy while its blander, rice flavor balances the spicier flavors. In our recipe, we added cheese and fish cakes, but feel free to customize this dish to your preference!  In addition, the thicker sauce that is used for this dish usually takes more time and the right ratios of each ingredient. To save time, we recommend you simply toss the ingredients in our spiciest KPOP XXX Sauce!

8. Budae Jjigae

Budae jjigae is a popular, comfort food in Korea that is also known as Korean Army Stew. Created shortly after the Korean War when food was scarce, this stew used the surplus of foods from American bases (like spam, sausages, and beans) and combined it with Korean foods to create a heartier meal. Today, this dish is well-loved because of its customizations! You can truly add anything you would like to this lighter kimchi stew. We personally love adding udon noodles, cheese, and our Original KPOP Chili sauce to this dish, but feel free to customize this dish to your liking!

9. Soba 

Finally, soba noodles are enjoyed in a variety of ways. It can be dipped in a sweeter, soy sauce or can be dressed in a delicious and refreshing, spicy sauce, as we did! Perfect for warmer weather, this soba noodle salad includes a variation of cold vegetables that are typically used in mixed vegetable rice (bibimbap) or mixed noodles (bibimguksu). This dish is equally healthy and tasty at the same time, so slurp away!

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