Ringing in the New Year - Korean Style

It’s the new year? Ditch the champagne. All you need is Korean soul food at its finest, dduk-gook!

What is Dduk-gook?

Dduk-gook is a rice cake soup. “Dduk” in Korean translates to rice cake and “gook” translates to soup. It’s the rice cake, beef broth soup, and love - can’t forget about that love -  that make dduk-gook so special. Other commonly added flavor blasters are shredded brisket, egg whites whisked into the broth topped off with diced green onions or scallions, julienned fried eggs (yellow part), and strips of dried seaweed. If you’re a Korean foodie master, you’ll eat your dduk-gook with the x-factor ingredient, mandoo aka dumplings (beef or veggie, take your pick).

Why is Dduk-gook important to Korean culture?

Dating back centuries, Koreans have celebrated the new year by eating dduk-gook. Both the white broth and white rice cakes represent purity and a fresh start. A new year also signifies a new birthday. It’s commonly said one needs to eat a bowl of dduk-gook to grow a year older, be healthy, and prosperous. If only Koreans could resist the delectable and hearty dduk-gook, maybe they’d have the secret to the Fountain of Youth. 😂

Dduk-gook is an absolute must-try Korean dish. It’ll warm you up on the coldest days, wrap you in cozy blankets of love, and reinvigorate your mind, body, and spirit.

Our recipe is still in development, but in the meantime check out Chef Julie Yoon’s amazing dduk-gook recipe!
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