Stay Angry, Not Hangry

Hey y’all, intern Cal here. Before I started working at KPOP Foods, I was your stereotypical white guy who had never tried Korean food before, let alone understand Korean culture in America. After "work" trips to Koreatown and swapping stories with my Korean American friends, I can say that I have a fresh and unique perspective. Speaking of fresh and unique perspectives shedding light on Asian American stories: 

Have you ever noticed the lack of Asian American representation in the media or how little news coverage Asian-centered stories receive? Doesn’t this just make you angry as all hell? This is exactly how Phil Yu felt when he decided to start his blog, Angry Asian Man.

What started as a recent grad’s attempt to call attention to stories he felt were important, Phil Yu’s Angry Asian Man is now known as one of the most widely-trafficked American blogs of the day. Yu, a Bay Area native whose parents emigrated from Korea, covers a wide array of Asian American stories and issues, covering topics such as politics, entertainment, social issues, pop culture, and much more. These stories continue to call attention to the societal racism that is prevalent in our world today, and the everyday effect it has on our nation. However, this Angry Asian Man is not always unhappy, and his site often reflects that with stories highlighting major achievements within the Asian American community.

Here at KPOP, we appreciate Angry Asian Man’s honest and real perspective on a culture that is often glazed over by mainstream media. We respect AAM’s opinion and wanted him to try an original KPOP Foods creation, to see what he thought of our mission to bring authentic Korean flavors to America. By combining the tastes of KPOP and kimchi with classics like grilled cheese and pork belly, our culinary creatives developed a recipe that perfectly accentuates who we are.

Check out the full recipe and story on Angry Asian Man’s blog here and remember, stay angry, but not hangry. 

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