Supporting The Black Community ūüĖ§

Our mission at KPOP Foods is to bring people together by sharing Korean food and flavors in a fun, refreshing way. As a minority-owned startup, we celebrate culture and diversity, and believe that it is important to stand and fight with our brothers and sisters in the Black community against racism and discrimination of all kinds.

That is why 100% of our proceeds for the rest of June will go to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. They fight racial injustice through legal actions, advocacy, and education. We hope you will join us, be the change and stand up for ALL BLACK LIVES. 

If you're looking for alternative ways to support, we've compiled other ways you can be an ally to the Black community.

Black Owned Restaurants

Food is a universal love language. Show your love by supporting these restaurants or sharing them with your friends and family! 

Poppy + Rose LA  - Los Angeles, CA

Eggs benedict, chicken and waffles, french toast, and more!

In true LA style, this place serves the most aesthetic, insta-worthy brunches. From avocado toast to chicken&waffles, they have everything you want from brunch to lunch!

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Batter & Berries - Chicago, IL

Fluffy french toast topped with fresh strawberries

Head to Batter and Berries for your breakfast faves! They are known for their french toast, but their menu includes pancakes, omelettes, and more.

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SoulFood Vegan - Houston, TX

When you think of soul food, plant-based is the last thing you think of. But at SoulFood Vegan, you won't be able to tell the difference!

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Food Creators 

Show your support by following these food creators! Their pictures and recipes will leave you inspired.


Protein packed trail mix cookies!

You can really see her love for food in her detailed close up shots. Check out her blog and recipes here:


Toasted mackerel with pasta

A foodfluencer and food blogger. Her colorful pictures will surely brighten your day! Check out her blog here:


Brioche french toast with blueberry compote

Food styler and recipe developer - She can make anything look gourmet! Check out her recipe blog here:


Vegan Italian wedding soup!

A food photographer and recipe developer who loves her veggies and soups. Check out her recipe blog here:


Delicious lemon meringue pie

Author of the cookbook Black Girl Baking, her Instagram gives you a sneak peek in all the delectable sweets she makes!

These are just a few ways we can show our support¬†and we hope this will help you get started on your allyship journey.¬† Remember, it is not the responsibility of the minority to "teach you" ‚ÄĒ we must all take initiative & learn. Some Black people may be willing to tell you what you can do or make suggestions, but get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Change begins with you and the conversations you have with those around you.