The 7 Best Korean Restaurants in LA To Take Your Date This Valentine’s Day. ❤️

First date, kinda nervous? Don’t worry, we got you! We’ve curated a list of the best Korean restaurants in LA for any type of date you plan! 

Dan Sung Sa - Korean Pub 

Want to do something casual? Dan Sung Sa is the place for you. As a pub, this is the place to see if your date can hang. 😜 In between shots of soju, be sure to try their wings, beef short rib skewers, and spicy tteobokki (rice cakes) to satisfy your drunchies! 

Myung Dong Kyoja - The Best Dumplings and Cold Noodles in LA 

Maybe comfort food will help calm those nerves. With large dining tables and a dining room setting, Myung Dong Kyoja will make you feel right at home. Heat up the date with their pork dumplings in creamy broth or cool it down with their spicy cold noodles! 🥵

Kobawoo House - Korean Family Style Restaurant 

Going on a double or triple date? With large booths and even larger servings, Kobawoo House is the place for your entire party! We recommend getting their flavorful melt-in-your-mouth bossam and their golden crispy gamja jun (potato pancake with crab meat) to share (or not). Remember this place when it’s time to meet the family. 😉

Jae Bu Do - Seafood KBBQ

On a seefood diet? Jae Bu Do is the place to go! Serving only clams, giant oysters, and other various seafoods, this is not your typical KBBQ place. Get to know your date over delicious seafood and sides such as tteobokki and unlimited corn cheese. The servers here do the grilling for you so you’ll have time to debate the important topics such as pineapple on pizza. 🤔

Magal BBQ - Better Than Your Typical KBBQ 

Make sure you’re getting quality food for your quality date. ❤️ Magal BBQ is a little more intimate than most KBBQ places and that’s what makes it the perfect place to really get to know your date. They serve quality meats and even provide complimentary kimchi fried rice at the end of your meal! Unfortunately, It’s not AYCE (all you can eat) but now you’ll have room for dessert! 

Cafe Bora - The Most Aesthetic Desserts

Speaking of dessert, show your date that you can be the ultimate Instagram S/O by bringing them to this chic cafe. They specialize in bingsu (shaved ice) and ice cream made with purple sweet potato. Everything here is aesthetic AF - with various purple foods and drinks and its brightly lit interior, there’s no way you won’t get a good picture for the gram. 📸

Somi Somi - Korean Inspired Soft Serve With Taiyaki

Another Instagram worthy dessert is Somi Somi’s soft serve, served in taiyaki (fish shaped waffle cone)! Their fan favorite flavors are milk, matcha, ube, and sesame. You can mix and match flavors and with a total of 11 flavors, the possibilities are endless - just like your night. 🤩


Not from LA?

No worries, we got you too! Food is everyone’s love language so show your loved ones how much you love them by making dinner on Valentine’s Day. We have an entire recipe blog for you to look through! Each recipe is as easy as it is tasty (and believe us, it’s tasty). Head over now and start planning your dinner date! 

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