What To Bring To Your Next Thanksgiving Gathering

What To Bring To Your Next Thanksgiving Gathering

The holiday season is quickly approaching, meaning big family dinners, Friendsgiving, or just a cozy night in with the people you love! Figuring out what to bring may be stressful but don’t worry, we’ve curated a helpful guide on what you can take to your next gathering. Trust us, if you get one of these products, it will be the talk of the party! Below you can find snacks that cater to both savory and sweet taste buds that are delicious and unique in flavor. 


1. Thanksgiving Harvest Bundles

Let’s be honest, when it comes to food, it’s hard to find something that will please everyone. Luckily, we have two Thanksgiving bundles for you to choose from. For a more intimate party, you can get the smaller set that comes with our Tempura-styled Korean Pumpkin Crisps, Cold-Pressed Apple Juice, and choice of either our KPOP Legends or K-TOWN sauce set. Our larger set, that is great for a bigger gathering, includes everything from the smaller set and our Yuja Pear Tea, Peach Konjac Jelly Drink, and Korean Potato Crisps. The Thanksgiving Harvest Bundle has such an unbeatable variety, you can’t go wrong with it.


2. Sauce Set 

Thanksgiving is a long standing tradition, meaning we are all acquainted with its flavor palette. And as delicious as it is, it’s time to put aside the cranberry sauce and dry turkey. With our Sauce Sets, you can welcome everyone to FLAVORTOWN. We have a variety of sauce sets such as KPOP Legends, Triple Threat, K-TOWN, and Show me the honey!, with these sauces, Thanksgiving meals will never be the same!


3. Cold-Pressed Apple Juice

A lot of people sleep on the one who brings drinks to the parties but with the Cold-Pressed Apple Juice, you’ll be the MVP (most valuable partier). This apple juice is simply not going to be your average beverage. With its crisp and refreshing element, it will be perfect to sip on after a heavy meal. Not to mention it is way healthier than soda. After eating all that food, you can enjoy this delicious drink, guilt free, and that’s a win in our book.


4. Yuja Pear Tea

Alternatively, the Yuja Pear Tea is another great option to bring. If you or your guests are more health conscious, this tea is packed with nutrients. Yuja, which is a citrus fruit, has vitamin C, powerful antioxidants, high levels of dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and much more. Whether it be for a gathering or just yourself, this is an excellent drink to keep around the house year round! 


5. Konjac Jelly Drinks

If you are looking for something that is sweet, healthy, and has a bite to it, this Konjac Jelly drink is perfect for you. Konjac jelly has a chewy and satisfying texture, coupled with the two flavor options we have: plum and peach, it is so good some may even consider it a dessert. Not only that, it is low in calories and naturally sweetened so no need to worry if you find yourself wanting to get seconds of the drink! This is a perfect replacement if you don't want to indulge in the sugary desserts after dinner.


6. Korean Red-banded Lobster Ramen

 Nothing hits like a hot bowl of ramen to enjoy with your closest friends during a night in. Now how often do you come across LOBSTER ramen? That in itself adds a whole new depth in the ramen experience. The Korean Red-banded Lobster Ramen has a savory broth where you will be able to taste notes of the roasted lobster and red pepper. The potato noodles also have a good balance between firm yet chewy in texture, providing the perfect bite. With that, just turn on a movie, relax with your loved ones, and call it a night!