Where to Eat in Pyeongchang

If you're in Korea this February for the Winter Olympics and looking for a place to eat, we've got your back. Here are our top places to chow down in and around Pyeongchang.

Daegwanryeong Hanwoo Town

If you’re craving some OG KBBQ, this is the spot for you. Daegwanryeong Hanwoo Town serves up fresh Korean Barbeque from their in-house butcher shop. Pick your cut and they’ll grill it up for you on the spot.

Daegwanryeong Hanwoo Town

Gangwon Pyeongchang-gun Daegwanryeong-myeon Olympic-ro 38


Open: Everyday 11:30 AM - 9:30 PM


Outside of Korean BBQ restaurant night pyeongchang

Meat on grill at Korean BBQ restaurant pyeongchang


Deep Burger


If you want something a little less traditional, Deep Burger has everything you’re looking for. This place grills up unique patties made of the perfect ratio of Korean beef and pork, a thin slice of rice cake, and a special sauce that perfectly blends the flavors (but feel free to bring your own bottle of KPOP along for the ride).


Deep Burger

Gangwon Pyeongchang-gun Bongpyeong-myeon Taegi-ro 137

Open : Everyday 10:00 AM - 7:30 PM

Burger at Korean burger restaurant pyeongchang

chicken wings and beer at korean burger restaurant pyeongchang


Todam Soondooboo


For all our vegetarians out there, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! Todam Soondooboo is an old style Korean restaurant that serves up the best tofu in town. One of their most popular dishes is soft tofu boiled in a special-sauce-infused stew, but we’re sure that every item on menu is delicious.


Todam Soondooboo

Gangwon Gangneung-si chodang-dong 388

Open : Everyday 7:00 AM - 8:30 PM (not open on Mondays)

tofu dish at korean restaurant pyeongchang

tofu dish at korean restaurant pyeongchang


Hopefully those of you attending the Winter Games can use our guide to stay full and happy while watching people like Chloe Kim shred the slopes. 



KPOP Foods is not an official sponsor of the 2018 Winter Olympics and all information above is accredited to research from a variety of public articles.  

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