Organic Pumpkin Juice, 3.38 oz ea - Not from Concentrate


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Move over pumpkin spice latte and say hello to the newest healthy fall treat: pumpkin juice! Delicious and nutritious, this pumpkin juice is rich in Vitamin A and is known for its health properties of reducing sodium levels and providing an immediate dose of nutrients. 

Pumpkins are known for its color; ranging from yellow to slightly orange, these colors are seen transferring over with pumpkin juice. When pumpkin juice is extracted from high heat it renders a dark color, and diluting with water results in a clearer liquid. This pumpkin juice’s appearance reassures its quality and concentration as it is made from low temperatures and whole pumpkin, producing a slightly opaque and vibrant yellow liquid. 

Not only does the pumpkin juice’s appearance speak for its quality, but this pumpkin juice is also certified as organic processed food from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea. Consumers can enjoy this high-quality fall favorite with an ease of mind and a happy stomach. 

Health Benefits: Reduces bloating and swelling, Boosts immunity, lowers sodium levels, promotes digestion, accelerates weight loss, provides Vitamin A.

100% Real Juice: Organic pumpkin juice, NOT from concentrate. No artificial additives, added extracts or colorants. 

Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin.