Tempura-styled Korean Pumpkin Crisps (3 Pack)


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Trending in South Korea, this unique crisp is made of pumpkin, giving it a slightly sweet and nutty flavor similar to sweet potatoes. Pumpkin is a traditional ingredient in Korean cuisine. Innovating on a classic, these crisps keep all the flavor while keeping up with our busy lives while we’re on the go or looking for a healthy and convenient snack. Using high quality ingredients and HACCP certified, these are the perfect delicious and nutritious snack for kids and adults! Pair them with sandwiches, add them to your charcuterie boards, or take them with you to the gym, work, or on any trip! 

HACCP certified and vegan. 

Ingredients: Pumpkin, Wheat Flour, Glutinous Rice, Starch, Corn Oil, Sugar, Salt

Contains: Wheat