Sunchang Gochujang - Traditional Korean Red Chili Pepper Paste, 450g.


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Shhh! Lean in close because KPOP Foods is letting you in on a little secret with 100% authentic gochujang (red pepper paste). Made with a secret recipe from Sunchang Moon Ok-rye, who was awarded 'Korea Food Master', the deep and mellow flavors of this gochujang red pepper paste have been passed down by the hands of artisans for seven generations. 

This gochujang is made with premium red peppers resulting in a paste that is deep in color and rich in flavor. Umami and mildly spicy, this paste adds a great depth of flavor to vegetables and rice on its own or combined with other seasonings to make soups and other dishes. 

While the recipe is a secret, it’s no surprise how acclaimed Sunchang red pepper paste is because of its unique Jangdamgeum method and well-developed fermentation process, only found in Sunchang. Sunchang has a clear and clean natural environment with frequent fogging, making it suitable for fermentation. These climate conditions combined with strict production principles and carefully selected domestic raw materials end with a dynamic paste that is sure to be your winning secret ingredient in whatever you’re cooking. 

HACCP certified.

Ingredients: Red pepper powder, purified water, glutinous rice , meju powder, fermented soybean, fermented soybean, refined salt, soy sauce, and sea salt.

Contains: Soybeans, wheat.