Now’s Your Chance to Try the Sauce that Chef Chris Oh used to Win “The Great Food Truck Race”!

Now’s Your Chance to Try the Sauce that Chris Oh Used to Win “The Great Food Truck Race”!

From July 7th-12th, Gelson’s Markets will be having a KPOP special: $1.50 off all sauces! Now is the perfect time to try our famous Kimchi Mayo & Honey Glaze Sauces. KPOP Foods sauces were made to be wildly versatile — they can be used as a glaze, dip, or marinade.


The Man Behind The Sauce

KPOP's Kimchi Mayo Sauce is the brain-child of Chris Oh, our resident Celebrity Chef. This unique flavor combination of mayo and kimchi created a masterpiece that launched him to 1st place of the Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race.” Silky-rich, creamy, and packed with flavor, this sauce brings a subtly spicy and uniquely tangy profile.

As the founder of Seoul Sausage Co, Co-founder of Hanjip, managing partner of Escala, and winner of Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, Esquire Network’s Knife Fight, and Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, Chef Oh’s experience and energy was the perfect match for the team at KPOP Foods!

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Our Fans

Our Fans

Ready to spice things up & join the party?

Ready to spice things up and join the party?

Get 2 sauces for only $6 at your nearest Gelson's Market!

Get $1.50 off our sauces at your nearest Gelson's Markets!

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