Korean Food Inspired Recipes

So you have all of these delicious sauces, but do you know what to do with them? If not, don't worry, the hard part is over. Check out any of our easy and mouth-watering recipes that are guaranteed to please your friends, your guests, or just yourself!

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Chris' Kimchi Gochujang Fried Rice

This is one of our all-time favorite dishes because while simple, it's LOADED with varying textures and flavors, reflective of Korean cuisine.

Made with KPOP Sauce and KPOP Sea Snacks.

Honey Glaze Gochujang Korean Fried Chicken

Craving sweet and tangy Korean fried chicken at home? Never fear: this super easy recipe combines honey & gochujang chili sauce to make the best, lip-smacking chicken in town.

Made with KPOP Honey Glaze Sauce.

KPOP Kimchi Mayo Tuna Salad

Transform your ordinary tuna salad into a flavorful surprise with this easy recipe. Zesty, crunchy, and great as a salad by itself or in sandwiches.

Made with KPOP Kimchi Mayo Sauce.

EXXXtra Hot Chicken Sandwich

⚠️Caution!⚠️ This deliciously hot chicken sandwich is not for the faint of heart, but if you can take the heat, you're never gonna want to leave the kitchen with our spicy KPOP chicken sandwich.

Made with KPOP XXX Sauce.