Introducing our newest addition to the KPOP Foods Family: Kimchi Sea Snacks, the new kimchi-flavored seaweed snacks in town! Just like our original Sea Snacks, but packing some extra heat and boasting a new unique flavor profile. Fun to eat and made with premium ingredients.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


vegan, gluten-free, high quality natural seaweed, 0% guilt

Stack. Snack. Crunch!

Perfect for lounging or on-the-go: a snack made for any moment.

Feedback from Initial Product Testers

"A nice mixture of flavors that builds up the more you eat it. Very addictive! I absentmindedly finished the whole bag before I knew it."

"The perfect amount of spice... more flavorful than normal seaweed products!"

"I liked how lightweight and crunchy it was, with a splash of spice. I found myself picking up one after the other to eat!"

"An addicting, low-calorie savory snack that has a very unique umami flavor. Reminds me of KFC's motto: "finger-linkin good""