"It's a go-to partner for any American classic whether it's pizza, hotdogs, burgers, or nachos"

"KPOP Foods is at the forefront of bringing Korean food into everyone's kitchen"

"The pick: Korean-inspired sauces from KPOP"


Media Mentions

“I put this shit on everything. Literally. Tuna fish? Perfect. Stir-fry? Delicious. Cold-cuts? The best.”

- Joey S.
Managing Editor, Chowhound

“The kick of citrus-y, salty and complex kimchi flavors is bright and mildly spicy...”

-San Jose Mercury News
on KPOP Kimchi Mayo Sauce

“It's fantastic, I eat it at home all the time!”

- Alvin Cailan
Host, First We Feast & Founder, Eggslut

“I'll be using it again, it's really, really good.”

- Greg M.
Founder, Ballistic BBQ

“If you haven't tasted it yet, be prepared to completely forget about Srira... sri... whatever it's called.”

- Blake Stilwell
We Are The Mighty

“Doing the Korean flavors on the pulled pork and then the kimchi coleslaw and barbeque sauce.. everything just works really well in this.”

- Ry
Cooking with Ry, Youtube

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