Premium Chocolate Pie Gift Set. Includes 10 Hand Pies.


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Soft and moist chocolate cake with airy whipped cream … the perfect bite has just been put into words. Jeonju Chocopie is everything you want and more when it comes to dessert. Jeonju Chocopies have been recognized for their delectable taste to the point where even locals line up for a piece of the action from its origins in the Jeonju Hanok Village back in South Korea. 

Just as wonderful as its taste, Jeonju Chocopie comes exquisitely packaged with the utmost care and attention. Wow your friends, family and their taste buds with Jeonju Chocopies as the unbeatable dessert with a winning combination of coffee, tea or milk. 

Enjoy: Enjoy at room temperature or freeze it for a frozen delight! 

Contains: eggs, milk, soybean, wheat, and walnuts.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, margarine, sugar, semisweet chocolate, whole egg liquid, strawberry jam, shortening raw sugar, purified water, crushed walnuts, cocoa powder, rum, ammonium hydrogen carbonate.